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What is Joy? The non-musical aspects that Students learn in lessons.

What is Joy? The non-musical aspects that Students learn in lessons.

The job of any good Teacher is to develop the Student's character, as the Subject is taught.  Many of my Students have a misconception that they should know everything before they have learned it.  Anything they do not know, they have to learn - faster than the speed of learning - because that is the focus, as far as they can see it.  If you consider your favourite story: the object of the story could be completed within a very short period of time, yet the story has more pages.  The Subject of any story is Character Development and lessons are the same.  A Student could get to Grade 8 by playing 24 pieces, if that was the focus.  Through a course of music lessons, any Student confronts learning barriers, overcomes them and learns life lessons.  Their character develops and that takes time.

This what happens in Teaching.  Some Students enjoy Music Lessons and it becomes part of their income in adult life.  For others, it remains a good hobby.  Good Teaching involves sowing life lessons into the Subject.  These lessons are what a Student takes with them.

Many of my Students go on to attain great success in Music, but it's not really the focus.  All of my Students develop their character as a direct result of time spent in lessons.

A lesson on Joy

Joy is often defined as meaning a feeling of great pleasure. We seek Joy in life and Facebook would certainly seem to show that everyone else is experiencing great pleasure.  Good Holidays, No money worries and Job promotions - seemingly without any effort.  I have moments of Joy, but they seem to be overcast by having to work hard.  Adverts don't help. Behind every Advert is a worker who is working hard, chasing the Big Promotion, for more money, to afford good Holidays.  If they can do this, it might stop worrying about not having enough money or relationships which contain arguments.

Look at the advert above.  I was careful not to be specific to Slander any particular company's advert, but all advertising does the same thing.  "Buy this car and you will achieve this scene!"  Your girls will be blissfully sleeping, being driven home from exciting - argument free - family time.  The can be achieved if you buy the new make and model.  We all seek this because we all live lives which are a mixture of pleasure, overcast by hard work.  There is no family which has enough money or has no arguments.  Buying the latest product will never resolve that tension.

Joy can be described as finding pleasure amongst the pain.  This doesn't sit well with most people.

Consider: Joy is everyone living in the tension that life is not perfect.  Enjoy what we have.  Enjoy the journey.  Share along the way.

I do not have everything: Money, argument free relationships or all the knowledge of Music.  Concerning the latter, I encourage my Students to Enjoy what they have, enjoy the journey and share, along the way.  Concerning the former, I sow these life lessons in to what I teach.

Parents often comment, "My child is getting on well with their Music Lessons, which is nice.  Thank you for the life lessons you sow along the way".  I am grateful to be trust to have that influence in the lives of all whom I teach.

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