Monday, 16 April 2018


I was giving a lesson today and an old Composition "Pivot" sprang to mind.  The lesson was on "Art Music".  What most normally call "Classical Music" is a misnomer.  Chinese "Classical Music" is much older than the Music of Europe and yet we refer to the Music of Brahms and Mahler as "Classical Music".  "Art Music" is a more correct term.

Art makes a statement.  The statement might be about the outside world or about the rules which Artists follow.  There are rules which Music Students learn, governing how harmony works, functionally.  "Art Music" addresses the established rules and presents new rules which might be used. "Pivot" employs a Minimalist approach to harmony: by maintaining the pitch "C" throughout the piece.  The harmony evolves as neighbouring chords are related by their adhesion to "C", not the Tonic Dominant Relationship which was traditionally the case.

As a Reductionist Composer I am interested in the sound between the sounds.  It is not the musical material - in the foreground - which is important, but the result material which is important.  I have employed a process of evolving harmony with textures of Piano and Delay, to produce rhythms resulting from the foreground material.

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