Friday, 27 April 2018

Hard Edge - A piece to inspire DJ's and Sound Designers.

The world of Music Lessons evolves as new technology is invented.  Admittedly, in the 19th Century, Piano lessons meant Piano lessons: the Piano was a new addition to the home and electricity had not been harnessed.  Digital Audio Workstations and Midi controllers are found in home studios and this generation barely hears any music which does not have an electric element.  As a Teacher, I spend most of my time teaching traditional lessons, but increasingly, I teach Students how to make the most of their home studio.  Considering that the majority of Students who did not enjoy playing Mozart when they were young and had no aspirations of performing Mozart, I think it is a positive move to teach Students about the home studio.  It breeds confidence, creativity and keyboard skills as they study the music that they know.

I teach classically, although not necessarily Classical Music.  Classical study of music has revolved around understanding what makes music sound good - how notes complement each other, form and broader syntax.  Commonly, it is the music of the 18th and 19th Centuries which is studied.  The aim it to expose the Student to as many techniques as possible, that they become better Musicians: Professional or Amateur.  The aim is still the same.  Teach the music which the Student knows and how it is crafted, that they become a better Musician: Profession or Amateur.

My resources are free.  It's the Teaching you pay for.  Enjoy the music I post.  Learn something from it and if you would like to learn more, contact me to arrange lessons. 

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