Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Robin's story

Robin Thornton began teaching in 1993 in Banchory (Scotland). He went on to own a

three floor Teaching Studio with Shop and Staff helping with Teaching duties. 

He now Teaches from home, to be closer to his family. Lessons - in Singing, Guitar, 

Bass, Piano, Drums, Theory and Composition - are available at Robin’s home (in 

Banchory), or online. 

Lessons are available online. The catchment area where Robin works as a tutor, covers 

Banchory, Aboyne, Aberdeen and Stonehaven. With advancements in technology, Robin is 

now a teacher in Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, Australia, England and a variety of 

lessons throughout Scotland. Online lessons are taught person-to-person, in real time.

Online Lessons work via video call. At your lesson time, simply sit at your computer

with your instrument. Robin will video call you and you will be empowered through music 

in the comfort of your own home. Due to international time lines, lessons may be

scheduled at a time which suits you best. 

Robin Thornton MMus, BMus (Hons.), ATCL (Dip.), MISM is highly qualified and has 

Teaching Methods which do not limit Student progress. While studying for his Teaching 

Diploma, Robin studied performance under Peter Stewart from the Royal 

Conservatoire of Scotland. He later went on to study Composition with Philip Cooke -

formally of Oxford University. During his studies, Robin covered Music to the highest 

levels and specialised in the Principles and Practise of Learning and Assessment. As a 

Performer, Robin worked with Ceilidh Stomp, before moving to LOKi. His Performance 

career has taken him to Open Air Staged events, in front of an audience of 30,000, high

quality Venues including the AECC and peaked in 2007 with 144 Performances in that year. 

While experienced as a Performer, Robin’s heart is in Teaching and he stopped performing 

to focus on his Research into the field of Student/Teacher Communication: teaching the 

way the Student wants to be taught.

Robin's Experience and Style

Robin Thornton - Teacher At a young age, I decided that I wanted to be a Musician. I did not believe that I could support...