Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Turn it off

I am a Reductionist.  I Teach Composition to Students from all Music styles.

"Turn it off" explains what Reductionism is about.  Steve Reich says, "Far be it from me to belittle the music of Brahms and Mahler.  It's great music, but music that means nothing to me.  If that is all there was to Music I would do something else".  Thankfully that is not all there is to Music.

As the Music is playing, find as many patterns in the Fractal Picture as you can.  That will explain what I do when Composing.  I am interested in Composing Music with structures within structures.

Syntax is important to Music.  To Teach Syntax, I quote Jarvis - the computer from the Iron Man films - when he says, "I think I have fixed the suit Sir, but there is something wrong with my speech.

I get to the end of the sentence and say the wrong Cranberry".

In that sentence there was no word that was not a word, but the context of "Cranberry" was out of place.  Musical Syntax is the same.  A Note, of Chord is not wrong, but Students often put them in without building a cohesive Syntax.

To Compose this piece: I recorded the voice of Steve Reich, placed the first half of the sentence at the beginning - as a provocative statement - and the second half at the end - to provide a solution to the provocation.  The phrase "Turn it off" was treated Musically, to explain how Compositions may be made, outwith the Western European Traditions.  One Minute of the repeated phrase is underpinned by one Minute of the same Phrase, stretched to fit.  The Phrase was then cut into "Turn", "Turn it", "it", "it off", and "off" and the same process.  This is reminiscent of Reich's early Process Music and similar to that of La Monte Young.

In conclusion

"Turn it off" explains that we don't need to rely on Music Traditions to Compose, yet relies on the Tradition set out by early Process Music.  Structures within structures is seen in Fractals and in Process Music. 

Reductionism is differs from Process Music in that it explores structures within structures, in order to construct as cohesive Syntax.  Future Compositions will illustrate how this is done on a larger scale and therefore brings a new mode of Composition of the field of Music. 

"Turn it off" is a succinct demonstration of what is to come.   

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