Thursday, 25 January 2018

Burns Night Lesson: Chord Inversions

It's the 25th of January - Burns Night in Scotland.  To celebrate the works of Robert Burns I have put together a lesson, harmonising Auld Lang Syne.

Chef's talk of food hitting out "Oral Pallet": that is the way we taste.  Musicians talk of sound hitting our "Aural Pallet": that is the way we hear.  Haggis, Neaps and Tatties is a Traditional Scottish Meal.  Stacked; Haggis, Neaps and Tatties, the Meal would hit our Oral Pallet in a certain way, but stacked, Neaps, Tatties then Haggis, it would hit our Pallet differently.  Music uses the same concept.

Chords use notes 1,3,5.  By using the same chords and stacking the differently, they hit our Aural Pallet differently.  Watch the video to hear the sonic effect. 

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